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Selecting a Heavy Duty Blender

Heavy Duty Blending
Do you own a small cafe, thinking of starting a smoothie bar or produce your own products at home that you plan to sell to the public? Or perhaps you are a blending enthusiast like myself and want a device powerful enough to blend creamy soups – yet be subtle[…]
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Our Round up of The Best Single Serve Blenders

Best Single Serve Blender
The single serve blender is an amazing invention. Green smoothies have helped people all over the world to change their lives. People have used them to boost their immune systems, lose weight, help achieve a better state of mind… the list is endless! The best thing is that you know[…]
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Finding the Best Blender for the Money!

Best Blender for the Money
Blenders needn’t be super expensive! Long story short, it all depends what you planning on doing with it once you get it home. There are a lot of cheap blenders that break with in months of constant use and blender will all the bells and whistles you don’t need. The key is matching you budget[…]
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Bullet Juicers Explained

The Bullet Juicer
When you start doing your research on the kind of juicer you want for your own kitchen, the terminology can get a little overwhelming. Do you want to extract or blend? Are you looking to make smoothies or juice? Do you want your juicer to be centrifugal? Masticating? Cold pressed? Hand cranked? Twin gear? High-speed[…]
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Parts and Accessories For Your NutriBullet

Nutribullet Parts
Everyone who owns and uses their Nutribullt on a regular basis know how instrumental they are in achieving good health when used consistently. It’s the consistent use that wares down key components such as the gasket, tabs on the cups and drive gears. If you’re happy with the performance of your Nutribullt and not afraid[…]
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Top 5 Smoothie Cups for People on the Go

Travel Smoothie Cups
Whether you are rushing out the door or in the mood for an afternoon treat, a smoothie is a fast, affordable, and most importantly, healthy alternative to grabbing packaged foods that can be full of fat and sugar which might give you a quick boost, but before long will just leave you feeling[…]
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Magic Bullet Replacement Parts and Accessories

Magicbullet Accessories
The good old Magic Bullet has been around for quite some time. It serves people around the globe faithfully producing smoothies and homemade favourites. As faithful as it is – given enough time, your likely to run into problems at some stage. The Magic Bullet only comes with a one year warranty – unless purchased[…]
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The Best Blender for Green Smoothies

Best for Green Smoothies
So you’ve heard the infomercials, you’re ready to take on the green smoothie challenge and possibly change your life for the better! The next question you ask yourself (as I did at the time) – what’s the best blender for smoothies? …hence the title of this article. Well I’ve always been a big believer of[…]
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Organifi Green Juice Review – All You Need to Know

Organifi Green Juice Review
If you have already been convinced of the benefits of the juicing movement that seems to be gaining more popularity and credibility every day, then you probably already know what “green juice” is – but for the uninitiated and curious, green juice refers to juice that was processed by blending leafy greens and vegetables[…]
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Blenders with Ice Crushing Performance

Ice Crushing Power
Are you on the hunt for a top of the range blender with ice crushing power? If so, you can’t go past the Vitamix or Blendtec range. You could attempt the same with a regular of the shelf blender – although your results will be far from what you would expect. The sad truth is[…]
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