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  • Our Round up of The Best Single Serve Blenders


    The single serve blender is an amazing invention. Green smoothies have helped people all over the world to change their lives. People have used them to boost their immune systems, lose weight, help achieve a better state of mind… the list is endless!

    The best thing is that you know what goes into every smoothie you make – no added sugar, preservatives, colourings or questionable ingredients. You start by adding your favourite ingredients such as banana, spinach, berries, oats, a dash of honey and so forth. If your adventurous like me, you’ll add in some super foods such as goji berries, raw cacao powder or maca.

    With all the different makes and models out there, it can be trick to find a good place to start. The good news is there is a blender out there to suit everyone’s needs and budget. If you don’t care too much about your budget, I can highly recommend the Vitamix S30 – what I use at home, and best in my opinion. If you are new to blending and looking to get your feet wet – give the Magic Bullet a go. If you want the middle ground – more bang and a smoother end result, the Nutra bullet 900 will serve you faithfully.

    What are your plans for the blender?

    This is an important question to ask yourself before selecting your first single serve blender or if you are looking to update to something better. As the good old saying goes, you get what you pay for and the same is too be said in the blender world.

    The main considerations here are performance, durability and price. Performance is the key factor. The superior build of the Vitamix allows it to tackle hard ingredients and create hot soups with consistent results. The NutriBullet and the Magic Bullet do a good job, but are not as consistent and have their drawback.

    Ordered below from the most expensive to the least, each has its cons and pros. Most notable, the Vitamix has an extra-long warranty, 5 years – due in part to its superior design and metal parts. The NutriBullet Pro 900 and the Magic Bullet are cheaper by far. Both come with a single year warranty and are made of less durable plastic.

    Below I have provided a brief review of each blender; feel free to skip to the video demonstration and accompanying article for all the juicy details…

    Vitamix S30
    Vitamix S30
    Making delicious and healthy blended beverages is a cinch with the Vitamix S30
    Up to 40 oz
    Variable Speed + Pulse
    790 watt
    1x Cup + Pitcher
    1x Blade
    Recipe Book
    Dishwasher Safe
    5 Year Warranty
    100 reviews!
    Check Price
    NB Pro
    NutriBullet Pro
    Look and feel better than you have in years, with the help of the NutriBullet Pro 900
    Up to 32 oz
    1 Speed + No Pulse
    900 watts
    2x Cups
    1x Blade
    Recipe Book
    Dishwasher Safe
    1 Year Warranty
    5k+ reviews!
    Check Price
    MB Blender
    Magic Bullet
    Chop, blend, grind, mince or whip up your next meal with the original Magic Bullet
    Up to 18 oz
    1 Speed + No Pulse
    200 watts
    3x Cups
    2x Blades
    Recipe Book
    Dishwasher Safe
    1 Year Warranty
    17k+ reviews!
    Check Price

    Vitamix S30

    If you aren’t budget conscious and on the hunt for the very best – the Vitamix S30 is the way to go. I use my Vitamix primarily for green smoothies and hot soups – sky’s the limit with this baby. With the Vitamix, you can add hot ingredients as long as you are using the jug and not the double walled cups.

    This isn’t possible with the other single serve blenders as there is nowhere for the heat to escape. Trying would most likely cause damage to your cup and possible the blade housing (where you screw the cup on to).

    My results have been a smooth creamy consistence every time for soup. Smoothies also come out perfectly drinkable as you would expect without any lumps or chunks of ice left over. Ice is always good to add as any blender causes the contents to heat up – caused by the friction of the blades.

    NutriBullet Pro 900

    Next on the chopping block is the NutriBullet Pro 900. This was my first blender and it had also served me well. Under the hood of the NutriBullet Pro, you’ll find a sporty 900watt motor. The extra power allows you to take your smoothies to the next level over the Magic Bullet by allowing you to add nuts, ice and frozen berries (good if they are not in season).

    Needless to say, I fell in love with green smoothies, but was tiring of them – having them all the time. I updated to the Vitamix for its soup making ability. The pulse feature is super handy as well when it comes to salsa… anyhow back to the NutriBullet!

    I found it did a good job most of the time. I say most of the time as it struggled when it came to certain ingredients such as linseeds and almonds. It could not process the linseeds as they are too small and there would be small chunks of almond left over (when using roasted almonds).

    It does a great job with other nuts (including raw almonds), ice and kale. Over all is dose a great job and allow you be more creative over the Magic Bullet or regular NutriBullet. At times, you’ll find things that don’t blend so well, but that’s part of the game.

    The Magic Bullet

    I think it’s normal to opt for a cheaper device in the beginning, then if you find you like green smoothies, you go for something better. If this sounds like you, the Magic Bullet is a good place to start, tho keep in mind it has a few draw backs.

    The less powerful motor and overall design causes some issues in the Magic Bullet. The issue being it’s not very good at blending ice, nuts and other hard ingredients. If you planning on adding softer items such as banana, avocado, spinach and alike – you’ll have no problems.

    If you take a look at the customer review on Amazon, you’ll see some motor burn outs and other faults. These are mostly caused by people trying to use the device to crush ice and take on other things it’s not designed for.

    All being said, it is a good place to start and you can always update at a later point if you find green smoothies are you cup of tea.

    To Conclude

    No matter what blender you decide upon, you’re going to have a smashing time creating smoothies to boost your immune system, help shed some unwanted weight or simply get more greens into you.

    Again, I’d highly recommend the Vitamix S30, its served me faithfully for over a year now and has always given consistent results. The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a great second place, capable of taking the middle ground. It performs well but doesn’t always provide consistent results. The Magic Bullet is ideal if you want to give single serve blending a go. Keep in mind that it’s not all powerful and won’t move mountains. Keep things simple and you won’t have a problem.

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