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Bullet Juicers Explained

The Bullet Juicer

When you start doing your research on the kind of juicer you want for your own kitchen, the terminology can get a little overwhelming. Do you want to extract or blend? Are you looking to make smoothies or juice? Do you want your juicer to be centrifugal? Masticating? Cold pressed? Hand cranked? Twin gear? High-speed bullet?

Fortunately, none of this is as complicated as it can seem to a newcomer and learning the ropes is worth the effort. Juicing has become so much simpler today than it was even just a decade ago, with machines designed specifically to streamline the process and produce the results you want with ease. And while the range of machine available is wide, the basics of function come down to two things – do you want your machine to juice or blend?

Here’s an example of the difference between the two. If you prepare an apple – wash it, core it and slice or cube it (we’ll leave the skin on for this example) – and then place it in a traditional centrifugal or cold press juicer, your product will be only the juice from the apple. The skin and fibrous pulp leftover from the process will be reserved in the machine and can be discarded. If you process an identically prepared apple with a bullet juicer, you’ll be placing the pieces into a container with specially made blades at the bottom and affixing the bullet motor on top, then blending the pieces whole. The entirety of the fruit pieces will be blended together, with no pulp left over to deal with.

While the results of either method mentioned are primarily a matter of personal preference, fans of the bullet juicer will argue that the extraction method of juicing is wasting the healthful fiber of all those fruits and veggies you’re processing. And they aren’t wrong – everyone knows that fiber is very good for your digestion and helps remove harmful toxins in your body.

But it’s also a matter of taste. Some people simply prefer the texture of blended fruits or vegetables, choosing to make smoothies rather than a simple glass of juice, and the ability to pulse your ingredients with a bullet juicer gives you control over the texture achieved. Bullet juicers are perfect for making smoothies, which are not only delicious but can be also be a great meal replacement alternative, if that’s your aim. Using the entirety of your ingredients makes a smoothie much more filling, and they are also ideal for including nutritious add ins like Organifi’s green juice.

Using a bullet juicer also means you can put all of your chosen ingredients into one container, blend them fast and go. Several models of the bullet juicer now come with containers made to be travel cups, so it’s even easier to for you to make healthy choices every day. Smoothies can also be stored in your refrigerator for up to 36 hours, so you can even prepare them in advance, unlike fresh juices which need to be consumed immediately in order to maintain their full health benefits.

Bullet juicers can be a more versatile option than a traditional juicer, capable of turning out sauces, soups, dips and even salsas. The bullet juicer can also handle some ingredients that have a lower water content that other juicers simply can’t, like avocados, mangoes or bananas, which all make fantastic, creamy additions to any smoothie. These powerful little machines are compact and much less time consuming to clean than counter-top juicers, which generally consist of more removable parts, each of which requires thorough cleaning and can’t simply be put in the dishwasher like most of the containers made for bullet blending. Bullet juicers are also usually friendlier to your bank account, with several powerful options available for less than $100.

If that all sounds appealing to you, the benefits of a bullet juicer aren’t hard to see and hopefully this article has provided a little more clarity about the juicing world in general. But there’s no real “right” choice. If you enjoy your smoothies but still find yourself craving a glass of freshly made juice, there’s no reason to limit yourself. It’s definitely not uncommon for juice enthusiasts to have both types of machines, which really are very different in regards to output. The truly important thing is knowing that either way, you have made a decision to improve and maintain your health.