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The Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet Challenge

Nutribullet vs Magic Bullet
To begin, it’s a good idea to take a look at the basic operation of each device and point out their many similarities along the way. Both devices are produced by the same manufacturer, with the Magic Bullet being the first blender on the scene, followed by the Nutribullet a few years down the track[…]
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Top 5 Smoothie Cups for People on the Go

Travel Smoothie Cups
Whether you are rushing out the door or in the mood for an afternoon treat, a smoothie is a fast, affordable, and most importantly, healthy alternative to grabbing packaged foods that can be full of fat and sugar which might give you a quick boost, but before long will just leave you feeling[…]
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The Vitamix vs Blendtec Debate
Who will reign supreme?

The Vitamix vs Blendtec Debate
While juicers are great, there are tons of options available with modern, commercial grade countertop blenders. You might love your freshly extracted green juice every morning, but maybe you also want machine that can churn ice cream, blend soups or sauces, or crush ice for[…]
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Magic Bullet Replacement Parts and Accessories

Magicbullet Accessories
The good old Magic Bullet has been around for quite some time. It serves people around the globe faithfully producing smoothies and homemade favourites. As faithful as it is – given enough time, your likely to run into problems at some stage. The Magic Bullet only comes with a one year warranty – unless purchased[…]
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The Vitamix vs Ninja Showdown!

Vitamix vs Ninja Showdown!
It’s time to compare two of the most popular blenders on the market. Here, we take an in-depth look at the Ninja Auto iQ and the Vitamix S30 – in this 2017 updated ninja vs vitamix review. Ninja put a lot of effort into their advertising; from glitzy infomercials to celebrity endorsements. But can the product really[…]
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The Best Blender for Green Smoothies

Best for Green Smoothies
So you’ve heard the infomercials, you’re ready to take on the green smoothie challenge and possibly change your life for the better! The next question you ask yourself (as I did at the time) – what’s the best blender for smoothies? …hence the title of this article. Well I’ve always been a big believer of[…]
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Organifi Green Juice Review – All You Need to Know

Organifi Green Juice Review
If you have already been convinced of the benefits of the juicing movement that seems to be gaining more popularity and credibility every day, then you probably already know what “green juice” is – but for the uninitiated and curious, green juice refers to juice that was processed by blending leafy greens and vegetables[…]
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Does The Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Make The Cut?

Nutri Ninja Auto IQ Review
Ok, in today’s review, were going to be taking a close up look at the Nutri Ninja Auto iQ. Is it all it claims to be? Can it really tackle the tough stuff such as ice, nuts and frozen berries? Dose it lives up to all the hype generated by the bloke on the infomercial’s[…]
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Nutribullet vs Nutribullet Pro – What’s the Difference?

Nutribullet 600 vs 900
Perhaps you are a business professional with little-to-no time each day or maybe you are simply looking for the best way to maximize nutrient consumption. Either way, a NutriBullet-brand blender is the best solution for your time-efficient, nutritional needs. But, how do you choose[…]
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The Best Blender for Kale Smoothies

Blender for Kale Smoothies
Whether you are new to the healthy lifestyle scene or you have been drinking kale smoothies for years, you are likely faced with the same dilemma: getting rid of the gritty, chunky flakes of kale. The benefits of including kale in your smoothies are insurmountable – high in antioxidants, rich in fiber[…]
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On the Hunt for the Biggest Nutribullet?

The Biggest Nutribullet
Chances are, if you are looking for a large NutriBullet, you are no novice to the healthy, active lifestyle. Alternatively, you could be looking to cut some serious weight, which requires sacrificing most meals for blended smoothies or homemade soups. With a large NutriBullet[…]
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Selecting the Best Blender for Protein Shakes

Blender for Protein Shakes
Whether you have recently taken interest in a healthy lifestyle or simply need a quicker way to get your vitamins and nutrients, a personal blender system is your solution. A quick search on the internet will reveal that your options for a personal blender[…]
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