The Best Blenders for Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Frozen Fruit Smoothies

Either you have recently joined the healthy lifestyle fad that is sweeping the nation or you’ve always been a huge proponent of living your healthiest life. Either way, frozen fruit smoothies are your top priority right now, which is what brings you here!

When it comes to frozen fruit smoothies, there are a few aspects you’ll want to consider when choosing a personal blender:

  • Power is important for crushing frozen ingredients (such as fruit) and the seeds found in many fruits (such as strawberries)
  • Simplicity is important for speed and convenience in the morning, otherwise you’ll end up with an investment you don’t use
  • Value is important as you don’t want to spend unnecessary money for features you won’t need or use

So, when you are ready to research personal blenders for frozen fruit smoothies, you need not look any further than the NutriBullet Pro 900 and the Vitamix s30. Both systems are great options for frozen fruit smoothies that will make you feel like you are having a dessert for breakfast. But, how do you decide which system is right for you?

Vitamix S30
NutriBullet Pro
Vitamix S30
NutriBullet Pro
Making delicious and healthy blended beverages is a cinch with the Vitamix S30
NutriBullet Pro offers premium nutrition extraction for those with an active lifestyle
790 watt
900 watt
1 Blade
2 Blades
2 Cups
4 Cups
Metal Drive Socket
Plastic Drive Socket
Dishwasher Safe
Dishwasher Safe
5 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
Made in USA
Made in China
90+ Amazon Reviews!
400+ Amazon Reviews!
$ High
$ Low

Unboxing the NutriBullet Pro 900

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is a true powerhouse for making incredible smoothies that leave zero chunks or flakes in merely seconds. With 900-watts of power, you can turn whole foods, such as apples, into a delicious and refreshing smoothie, stems and seeds (packed with nutrients) to boot.

In your NutriBullet Pro 900 packing box, you will receive:

  • Power Base Using 900-Watts and High-Torque Technology
  • One-Blade-Fits-All-Jobs Extractor Blade
  • Flip Lid for To-Go Drinks
  • 32 Oz Blending Cup for Frozen Fruit Smoothies with Comfort Lip Ring
  • 24 Oz Blending Cup for Smaller Smoothies with Comfort Lip Ring
  • Nutritionist in Your Pocket (Guide)
  • Helpful Recipe Book: Life Changing Recipes
  • Go-To User Manual

You’ll find the NutriBullet Pro 900 packs a powerful punch when it practically liquefies your frozen fruit smoothies. You’ll find that your morning smoothie is as refreshing as it is delicious when you easily shave hours off of your morning routine (meaning you can sleep longer).

Frequent users of the Pro 900 love that it truly does break down tough ingredients entirely. When it comes to making frozen fruit smoothies, this is a perfect companion if you don’t like chunky, seedy, or gritty smoothies. Users also commend the small design, making it take up less space on their countertops.

However, some users find that the system breaks too easily, specifically when it comes to the rubber gasket. Though, it is important to note that many of these same users commend the customer service and speedy replacements.

Unboxing the Vitamix s30

If you are looking for the “golden” personal blending system, you will realize you have found it when you come across the Vitamix s30. Packed with features and a powerful motor, you will feel like you have full control of your smoothie routine.

In your Vitamix s30 box, you will find:

  • 120 Volt Motor Base
  • S-Series Blade Base
  • 20 Oz Container (Travel Cup)
  • 40 Oz Blending Container
  • Cook Book
  • Low-Profile Tamper

Now, if you are looking for the system that is like an old-fashioned blender with the capability of converting to a personal blender, the Vitamix S30 is your solution. The motor gives you variable control, so if you happen to like chunky smoothies, you will be able to achieve that reality. Also, the vented lid system makes it easier to blend hot mixtures, such as soup.

Current owners of the Vitamix s30 love how compact this system is compared to the original, full-size Vitamix. They can leave it on their counter and use it several times a day without having to lug out their cumbersome blender.

Unfortunately, some users have complained that it simply does not break down seeds as well as the full-size blender, which is fairly important for frozen fruit smoothies. Alternatively, you could remove seed-packed fruits such as strawberries or raspberries from the frozen fruit options and still have a powerhouse of a blender

What are the Similarities Between the NutriBullet Pro 900 and the Vitamix s30?

When it comes to frozen fruit smoothies, both the NutriBullet Pro 900 and the Vitamix s30 will help you achieve your smoothest drink. Both utilize a powerful motor base that will reduce the toughest ingredients and the roughest greens to a (delicious) liquid.

Both units also include multiple blending containers and recipe guide. Since you can ultimately make smoothies, soup, salsas, or minced ingredients with either system, you can maximize your efficiency in the kitchen at breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time.

How Does the NutriBullet Pro 900 Rise Above?

At first glance, it may seem like the Vitamix s30 is the clear champion. However, when it comes to making frozen fruit smoothies, both will essentially get the job done. So, it boils down to a few important questions:

  1. Which system will save me time?
  2. Which system will save me money?
  3. Which system is easier to use?

The answer to each question is: the NutriBullet Pro 900. The Pro 900 has simpler settings that will blend your frozen fruit smoothie to a delicious drink in only seconds – without fumbling around with the control functions. Since the settings are simpler, that means it is also easier to use by default.

The NutriBullet Pro 900 is also a better value as it costs less than the Vitamix s30 – it’s actually a fraction of the cost. Yes, the Vitamix s30 actually does more, but, if you don’t use the extra features, you are spending three times the money for absolutely no reason.

Summarizing the Comparison

At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide which blending system is the right fit for you. However, if you want a time-saver that is easy to use and is truly the best value, the NutriBullet Pro 900 is your best bet.

Though, if you believe you will make enough hot soups, salsas, coarse chops, and sauces to justify spending three times the amount, you will find that the Vitamix s30 is a great addition to your kitchen. Happy blending!

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