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  • NutriBullet Pro 900 Review & Buyers Guide

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    Everyone starts their blending journey somewhere and for me it was with the Nutribullet Pro 900. Excited by the prospect of introducing some more veggies and fruits into my diet in opposed to the morning coffee and muffin id consume at work.

    Packing a powerful 900-watt motor, I was drawn to it immediately having more than triple the power of the Magic Bullet and it looked way cooler than the Nutri Ninja with its eye catching copper finish.

    Has the blender server me faithfully or did I decide to upgrade for a reason?

    NutriBullet NB9-1301
    ★ NutriBullet ★
    Up to 32 oz
    1 Speed + No Pulse
    900 watts
    2x Cups
    1x Blade
    Recipe Book
    Dishwasher Safe
    1 Year Warranty
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    Using the Nutribullet Pro 900

    To use the machine, you take your cup, fill it with the goodies that will make up you master piece such as spinach, banana, frozen berries plus Greek yoghurt. You then add some liquid such as water or coconut milk – being careful not to over fill the cup.

    Proceed by screwing on the extractor blades nice and tight. Tip the cup upside down and line up the plastic tabs on the cup with those on the base. Press down firmly and twist to the right. The blender will the proceed to blend your smoothie until you feel it’s ready – it won’t turn off automatically.

    Twist in the opposite direction and lift your smoothie from the blender base. Remove the blade housing and attach one of the added extras to consume, store or get ready to take with you.

    In The Box

    NutriBullet NB9-1301
    ★ NutriBullet ★
    1x Power Base
    1x Extractor Blade
    1x 32oz Cup
    1x 32oz Cup
    1x Lip Ring
    1x Lip Ring
    2x Handled Lip Ring
    2x Sealable Lids
    1x Manual
    1x Recipe Book
    Check Price at Amazon

    The Good


    I had used the machine for over a year and never had a problem with it (touch wood). Smoothies have always come out perfectly drinkable without chunks of frozen fruit or nuts. I would find the occasional almond chunk when using raw almonds but I can live with that.

    I found the cups to be of a good size, only being myself who uses the machine. The cup is portable but you’ll need to wrap it in something if you’ve added a lot of ice as the condensation around the cup will make thing wet.

    I did not realize this at the time but you can purchase double walled cups separately that keeps hot liquid hot and cold liquid cold without the condensation for extended periods. In time, I’m sure Nutribullet will be introducing them.

    The included recipe book is an added bonus if you are new and need a good place to start. With a little practice, you learn how to use the machine and what certain ingredients taste like together. From there you’ll start adding in favorites and suggestions to make something truly great.

    The So So

    Admittedly, I love throwing controversial lines into the beginning of my articles! Now for the explanation. I decided to upgrade for a couple or reasons. First and foremost, you can’t make hot soups with the blender as there is no vent to allow the heat to escape.

    Next, not being a fan of your typical pasta jar sauce loaded with sugar, preservatives and items I can’t even pronounce – I like to make my own. The Nutribullet Pro 900 has no pulse feature allowing you to create a chunky sauce, you can only emulsify the ingredients.

    The problems noted below are none that I had faced, but have been experienced by other users of the blender – faults you should be aware before casting your final decision.

    NutriBullet Vent

    If you take a look at the vent on the side of the machine, it’s not covered – a common design flaw (in my opinion) common to the Nutribullet range. As the powerful motor does its thing, it heats up and need cooling.

    Problems can arise if you have a leaky cup. There is a chance, however so slight that some liquid could dribble down the side of the base over the vent. The liquid would be sucked into the vent, causing serious damage to the motor.

    The plastic drive socket on the base of the blender and the gears inside of the blade housing are made of plastic. People have complained that with constant use that these tend to wear down with constant use, causing you to seek nutribullet replacement parts.


    The picture above shows the plastic drive socket and gears under the blade housing of the Nutribullet, compared to my Vitamix S30. As you can see the Vitamix has metal gears and a metal drive socket – making it more durable.


    Another common problem amounts most bullet blenders is the gasket ring. The orange gasket ring is clearly visible on the Vitamix S30’s blade housing. Not so visible on the Nutribullet Pro, you’ll find it embedded in on the inside of the blade housing – the same colour as the surrounding plastic.

    The Gasket forms a seal between the cup and the blade housing, stopping liquid form leaking out. From time to time, you need to remove the gasket and clean it or risk food contamination. It’s easy to remove from the Vitamix but a challenge to remove from the Nutribullet.

    A Final Word

    To conclude, if you are on the fence about this one, I can say from personal experience the Nutribullet Pro 900 is a great place to begin your blending journey or take it to the next level. The Nutribullet Pro has the power to take on the tough stuff with smoothies resulting without the lumps.

    If you are a little concerned with potential faults down the line or have been disappointed by a faulty blender in the recent past, you can bundle you purchase with Square Trade to extend the warranty period if you decide to purchase through Amazon’s platform.

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