Skinny Girl Blender
Review & Buyers Guide


From the maker of the popular Bella Rocket Pro comes the Skinny Girl Blender. Have Bella simply taken their popular Rocket Pro and slapped a new fancy cover over the blenders base? Dose the Skinny Girl share the same powerful motor and offer the same consistent results as the Pro? Does the Skinny Girl share the same problems that plague the rocket pro that owners dub the three-month curse?

Find out in this review…

skinny girl blender reviews
Skinnygirl Personal Extraction Blender
Toss in your ingredients, attach the provided blade, place on base and twist. Voila!
2 Year Warranty
700 Watt Motor
Single Speed – No Pulse
Blend Smoothies
Grind Coffee & Spice
3 Single Walled Cups
Dishwasher Safe
12+ Amazon Reviews
$ Med

In the Box

The Skinny Girl Blender comes with:

  • Power base
  • Blending Blade
  • Grinding Blade
  • 2x 24oz Cups
  • 1x 12oz Cup
  • 2x Drinking Straws
  • 2x Travel Lids
  • 1x Storage Lid
  • 1x Lip Ring
  • Recipe Booklet

The Good

To start with, the Blender performs well. It will take on anything you give it including nuts, frozen fruits and berries. It does a good job at creating green smoothies for people looking to lose a little weight or boost the metabolism.

The blender will also do great job at creating dips – anything where the ingredients become liquefied to some degree. Soups are not out the equation – but will need to be heated up separately. As there is no pulse feature, you won’t achieve a chunky soup or dip.

The blender its self performs better than the Magic Bullet and equals the results of the Nutri Ninja Pro and the Nutribullet Pro. The base sports a powerful 700-watt motor shared by Bella’s Rocket Pro. Its more than doubled the power of the Magic Bullet and just shy of the Nutri Ninja and the Nutribullet 900-watt motor’s.

As with the Rocket Pro, you get a good assortment of goodies with the blender – as seen above. Unique to Bella’s range (the Skinny Girl included) is the grinding blade – perfect if you plan on grinding your own coffee beans or spice mixture.

The Skinny Girl Blender comes with smaller cups – 24oz and 12oz, making it perfect for a single person. If you have a small family or like to blend in bulk, this may not be the machine for you.

The Not So Good

First off, the Skinny Girl Blender is exactly the same as the Bella Rocket Pro under the hood. The Rocket Pro comes with 5 cups, while the Skinny Girl comes with 3. The Rocket Pro is $20 cheaper with a bland exterior in comparison.

While the performance is great, the blenders cheaper cost also means cheaper manufacturing. Like the Rocket, there is a chance you will run into some problems – often not experienced until you’ve owned it for a while. Taking a quick look through Amazon’s customer reviews will reveal this.

The most common complaint reveals the blade housing is constructed of cheap plastic. Many notice seeing a fine black power or black liquid coming from the blender after use. As the extra powerful 700-watt motor works away to break down tough ingredients it grinds the plastic down. Over time, the housing becomes wobbly or doesn’t perform nearly as well.

The extra powerful motor generates a lot of noise. Some people have resorted to using ear plugs so if you have a new born, this may be of some concern. As with the Rocket, if you use softer items the motor will not need to work as hard – generating less noise. Also make sure you add an adequate amount of water into the cup before blending.

Warranty and Returns

If you decide to give the blender a go, id highly advise taking up an extended warranty – if offered. If you are to run into problems, it will likely be within the first 3 to 12 month of constant use. Most retailers offer this for a small fee and Amazon offer Square Trade to extend the warranty starting from and extra $5.

To Conclude

This blender will perform well if you don’t plan on using it all the time for tough ingredients. Softer ingredients will require less of the motor, lengthening the life of the plastic blade housing and gears. If you are not a fan of the Real Housewives or unifamiliale with the actor behind the brand – Bethenny Frankel – the Rocket Pro may be a better choice.

If you like to add ice, nuts and frozen berries or plan on kick-starting a daily green smoothie diet, I’d advise taking a look at the Nutri Ninja Pro and the Nutribullet Pro. Both cost roughly the same and have proven to be more durable.

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